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The GUIDE is the most comprehensive source for crisis/emergency management and business continuity information. The online DISASTER RESOURCE GUIDE is set up to help you find information, vendors, organizations and many resources to help you prepare for (mitigate) or recover from any type of natural or other type of disaster. The GUIDE will help you keep your business running, your government agency operational, no matter what!

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The International Disaster Conference & Expo
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Updated: Citizen Preparedness Survey Database
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Countdown to Citizen Corps and CERT Information Deadline
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Avalution Releases ‘BCM 101: Key Activities and Outcomes’ Video Series
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Mid Atlantic Disaster Recovery Association’s November Meeting
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Essex Industries Announces a New Corporate Brochure
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Jerry Montella Elected to National Postal Policy Council Board of Directors
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FEMA Encourages Participation in Oct 16 Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drill
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Emergency/Incident Management Software Survey

Thanks to hundreds of participants worldwide who completed our important survey on emergency/incident management software!  The Executive Summary of results is available on our website and a link to a more comprehensive report is available in the Summary. Questions the survey addressed include: What is important/not important; what are the costs and benefits; how complex is the software? Share the Executive Summary link with colleagues! Click HERE>>

BCM Software Product Spotlight

This special issue of the Continuity eGUIDE focuses on business continuity management planning software. The eight companies featured have technology solutions for the public and private sectors. Highlights include a "Demos and Videos" page and a Gartner report on BCM Software. Click HERE>>

16th Annual Edition Mailing

The 16th annual edition of the Disaster Resource GUIDE has been mailed to US subscribers.  It contains 178 pages with hundreds of companies, associations, conferences--loads of resources to help you stay operational no matter what! If you have not subscribed, then sign up here so you will not miss future editions! If you missed the 16th edition mailing, individual copies can be purchased by contacting the publisher with the "Contact Us" form below. You can also access the digital versions online at the link below. To subscribe, Click HERE>>

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Recent Disaster Resource GUIDEs

Can't find your copy of a recent Disaster Resource GUIDE? You can find recent editions of the GUIDE HERE>>

DRJ website to offer Disaster Resource GUIDE vendor directory!

DRJ has, for over 20 years, produced the leading DR and BC conferences, with over 3,000 attendees at their two annual events, and also publishes the quarterly Disaster Recovery Journal. Would you like to feature your company in this new directory? Contact us for details today!

The Challenges Chief Resilience Officers Face

Chief resilience officers have a lot to manage – but what are some of their biggest challenges? This piece speaks to five CROs to get their thoughts. Click HERE>>

How Creative People Can Help in a Disaster

The creative industry is perhaps not the first sector you think of when it comes to emergency preparedness, but the Earth Manual Project begs to differ Click HERE>>

Five Cybersecurity Myths Small Companies Might Still Believe

Cyber theft is not just about credit cards, and your insurance policy’s “cyber coverage” might not be that great. For more cybersecurity myth-busting, Click HERE>>

NIST Sets Out Draft Guidelines for Sharing Cyberattack Information

The National Institute of Standards and Technology has released guidelines for organizations when sharing cyberattack information and other advice. Click HERE>>

A Look at the Digital Revolution in Facility Management

This piece takes a look at the “digital revolution” in facility management, what’s driving it and what it means for people in the field. Click HERE>>

What We Can Learn from New Jersey’s Power Plan

New Jersey’s Energy Resilience Bank and other initiatives are designed to prepare its power grid for future disasters, like Hurricane Sandy, which devastated the area. Click HERE>>

Learning from Disaster: Five Scenarios to Make You Think

A Stanford University professor has studied the odds of survival in some major disasters such as small pox, anthrax and a nuclear attack. See what his research showed. Click HERE>>

What We Can Learn from New Jersey’s Sandy Recovery

Though it happened two years ago, the memories of Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy are still fresh. This piece shares five lessons from New Jersey’s recovery experience. Click HERE>>

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White Papers

Addressing the Roadblocks to Application Recovery through Integrated Recovery Management
Integrated recovery management is a proven strategy for achieving the recoverability requirements of business managers while lowering IT and recovery costs across the organization and provide insight, protection and assurance related to critical enterprise data. For the White Paper, click HERE>>

The Three Pillars of Trust
Adopting a New Service Architecture for Trusted Transactions with Government on the Internet
For the Booz Allen Hamilton White Paper, click HERE>>

Business Continuity Resources
A number of free resources for business continuity planning are available for experienced or beginning BC planners. Click HERE>>

Interoperable Mission Critical Broadband/Narrowband Solution for Public Safety Communications
The need for anytime, anywhere access to information has extended from the general public to the public safety community. The growing requirement for secure access to data intensive resources is driving the demand for a nationwide public safety broadband network. For the White Paper, click HERE>>

The “Gotchas” of Backup and Recovery
For the White Paper, click HERE>>

Twelve Details that Make a Significant Difference
Whether it’s extreme weather or security threats, the need for emergency notification at colleges and universities is greater than ever. For this White Paper, click HERE>>

Five Critical Business Areas where DR/VFI Delivers Real Value
Get the Executive Report HERE>>