World Economic Forum Launches Risk Response Network

The World Economic Forum is launching The Risk Response Network to better understand, manage and respond to complex, interdependent global risk. The forum’s website explains that the network will be part of the forum’s activities, including risk-related sessions, themes in the program of forum meetings, and in industry and regional efforts and associated reports.

The network will offer insights from relevant global decision-makers through a community of risk officers from top corporations, governments and international regulating bodies, the website says. It will also solicit insights from the forum’s knowledge and insights, including the Global Agenda Councils and a network of the world’s top universities and private sector content providers.

“The RRN employs the most suitable tools and services by developing proprietary, custom-designed risk analytics and risk management processes to enable decision-makers not only to better understand key risks in depth and in context, but also to respond to them proactively in times of crisis,” the site explains.

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