Physical Security Shouldn’t Compromise Digital

Incidents affecting organizations, and the threat of more, are increasing. Many might be less prepared than they realize for systemic shocks like earthquakes, blackouts or terrorist attacks.

An article on, a Middle Eastern Business website, cites a new report by Booz & Company that says organizations are more vulnerable to systemic shocks and damaging incidents than ever before. That’s because of “rapid technology advances and the need to deliver goods and services more efficiently,” the article says. “Moreover, the increasing interconnectedness of people and systems means these events are no longer isolated.”

The report recommends that organizations adopt a “business assurance” model that integrates physical, information and IT security controls in their risk management strategies, rather than the more traditional approach of developing “stovepipes” – individual risk management measures that are isolated from each other.

“The tendency to spend so much time and attention on establishing physical security controls means organizations ignore critical proprietary information or assets made vulnerable by digitization,” the article says.

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