Color-Coded Threat Alert Dropped, What’s Next?

It’s not a bad thing that the Bush Administration’s five-color threat alert system is being retired by the Department of Homeland Security, EMS Solutions’ Regina Phelps says on her blog, Emergency Management & Continuity Planning.

Phelps, who has written extensively for the Disaster Resource GUIDE, says the color-coded threat levels were doomed to fail. Her blog quotes an author on security issues who says the colors didn’t provide any advice or information – they just made people afraid. Bruce Schneier says the system was “a relic of our panic after 9/11” that “never served any security purpose.”

Stay tuned for information on a new system, which is currently under review. DHS is working toward the goal of providing more specific alerts that will be implemented in partnership with law enforcement, the private sector and the American public, Phelps says.

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