Cybersecurity Technology Can Protect Digital Devices

Bloomberg Businessweek presents a special report comprising more than half a dozen articles on cybersecurity.

The first details how sloppy code in a Citigroup iPhone app could have let hackers access banking information for 118,000 customers who wanted to check bank account balances and pay bills from their smartphones. Though the security flaw was discovered before hackers could exploit it, experts predict that criminals are poised to exploit weaknesses in smartphone applications.

Another article shows how computer systems that control factories and power plants can easily be attacked by malicious “worms.” These rogue programs can be slipped into the network as easily as plugging a USB drive into an office computer, the article says.

Additional articles in the special report include: A discussion of the history of cyber crime and information warfare; the vulnerability of U.S. computer systems in the event of a significant terrorist attack on its digital infrastructure and how software meant to help Iranian political dissidents earlier this year actually put them at risk.

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