Cash to Be Screened at Kabul Airport

Afghanistan’s main airport is believed to be a major conduit for drug proceeds and diverted foreign aid. Afghan and U.S. authorities have a plan to constrict the flow of cash.

In an article on the Washington Post website, Greg Miller and Joshua Partlow say the plan involves installing U.S.-developed currency counters at the Kabul airport. Afghan units have also been provided with wiretap equipment from the U.S. government – the same equipment that has been used to build corruption cases against senior government officials in Afghanistan.

These measures, says the article, “represent the latest effort to combat rampant corruption in Afghanistan with a combination of sophisticated U.S. technology and expanded enforcement.”

The currency counters have the ability to record serial numbers on bills and could determine whether money coming out of Afghanistan has been siphoned from aid funds, U.S. and Afghan officials said.

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