Responders At Risk In Natural Gas Emergencies

Seven people were injured on June 7 when workers drilling on Beam’s Lane in Marshall County hit a pocket of methane gas, causing a massive explosion and fire. Increasing natural gas activity in West Virginia is causing emergency officials to explore the risks these kinds of accidents pose on responders.

In an article on the West Virginia Public Broadcasting website, Keri Brown says two natural gas accidents since June have brought to light many of the challenges emergency responders face when first arriving on the scene.

The article says that according to Tom Hart, Director of the Emergency Management agency in Marshall County, companies need to provide more information on the chemicals they’re using to better equip emergency responders for appropriate action, and for the responders’ own safety.

“Currently, there is no state requirement for natural gas companies to disclose the fracture chemicals they use when applying for a drilling permit,” says the article.

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