Vegas to Host Hackers

Exactly what kind of conference features an awards ceremony for the best computer bugs? The Black Hat conference on electronic security, for one.

In an article on the PC World website, John P. Mello Jr. says the conference brings together the great minds of all facets of the information security world, from the corporate and government sectors to academic and underground researchers. But on the seedier side, several sessions will appeal to wannabe hackers, including one on smartphone Trojans, one on how to “jackpot” an ATM, a handcuff-escaping session by the Open Organisation of Lockpickers and a session entitled, “How to Hack Millions of Routers.”

“The conferences aren’t aimed only at shadowy figures or hobbyists, however; security professionals attend to discuss current issues,” says the article. PC World also offers tips on how to protect yourself from hackers if you happen to be in Vegas during the conference.

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