How To Avoid Compromising Your Own Data

Thanks to technology the workforce is increasingly mobile. Unfortunately that means our data is increasingly compromised as it makes its way into hotels, coffee shops and on the road.

In an article on the Tech News World website, Chris Drake offers several information security tips to help you keep your business safe from hackers.

Drake recommends staying away from free, open wireless in public places.

“They’re risky for personal communications, but they are absolutely not suitable for conducting business without protection,” Drake writes. If you must, then use a secure VPN connection with the latest encryption methods.

The article also advises wireless users to:

Use a “travel only” laptop that’s a stripped down version of the regular desktop computer with limited history and minimal applications installed;

Clear the browser history when closing Safari, FireFox, etc.

Never store or “remember” passwords (type them instead)

Use two-factor authentication (also known as “the fire alarm”) for an added layer of protection; and more.

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