UK Ahead of US for ISO Security

PricewaterhouseCoopers has estimated that 40 percent of large organizations in the UK are being asked to demonstrate compliance with ISO 27001, the internationally recognized standard for the implementation of a security management system within an organization.

In an article on the Computing website, Martin Courtney says the UK is way ahead of the United States and Europe in achieving ISO 27001 certification, which he says is “widely touted as a data security framework against which companies can check the trustworthiness of suppliers, business partners, customers and vendors when exchanging sensitive information.”

The UK lags behind only Japan and India in its certification, says the article. Globally, 6,443 companies have achieved certification, of which Japan has 3,499.

Committing to the standard and completing it are two different things, however. Upon closer look at the numbers, “various surveys insist that UK companies are struggling to implement compliance policies in support of the standard,” Courtney writes.

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