How to Protect Your Online Data

Hackers don’t always target large corporations. It’s often easier and more worthwhile for them to attack small and midsized businesses.

In an article on, Alice Truong says business owners need to be aware of the threats and reinforce their online security. That was the main message at a recent Federal Deposit Insurance Corps. Symposium on cyber-crime.

“About 50% of computers have malware on them, and 50% of credit-card numbers are in the wrong hands,” said Joseph Menn, Financial Times reporter and author of “Fatal System Error,” a new book about cyber-crime.

The article outlines eight cybersecurity tips for small business owners, summarized below:

  1. Don’t do online banking on the same computer you use for social networking.
  2. Get the chief financial officer involved.
  3. Restrict administrative access and require that employees regularly change their passwords.
  4. Make sure data is permanently destroyed when discarding or passing along a machine.
  5. Don’t fall for phone calls from fake IT people.
  6. Limit check transactions, which still account for 68% of payment fraud.
  7. Verify every aspect of your business’ online and financial systems.
  8. Practice good Internet hygiene by downloading necessary patches, signing out of personal accounts and not logging into financial accounts over unprotected wireless networks.

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