Stay In Touch In A Business Crisis

Recent events have taught businesses the hard way: there is no hiding or burying a crisis.

In an article on the Daily Herald website, Jim Kendall reminds businesses that in any crisis, whether it be a tornado, a fire or a lawsuit, it is essential to keep stakeholders informed, and that includes customers, prospects, suppliers, employees, investors, the media, the general public, the bank and the board of directors.

Aside from broad scope emergency response planning, a crisis communication plan can make the difference between sustainability and ruin. The article lists some of the basics of crisis communication. These include having a designated spokesperson and a backup, with their contact information readily accessible; keeping employees informed by various means; talking to appropriate members of the media or referring that task to a fire or police spokesperson; and even talking to your lawyer.

And when talking to customers, Kendall writes, “Reassure them that the business will survive whatever has happened; that you will meet delivery and service obligations; that data is stored safely off-site and available…” but above all, “be honest.”

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