Private Sector Helps Secure U.S. Military Online

The U.S. military is still migrating from IT systems – servers and network computers – to more integrated systems where it can use devices such as smart phones, personal digital assistants and laptops, to access servers within a ‘cloud.’

In an article on the San Diego Business Journal website, Andrea Siedsma says that as the military migrates to more modern information technology, the private sector will play an important role in protecting the military from cyber attacks.

“Defense and IT industry leaders are working on creating a robust, flexible and open architecture,” Siedsma writes, “one that separates data, applications and hardware – that makes seamless interoperability of all cooperating forces possible.”

Terry Simpson, principal deputy for intelligence at San Diego-based Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command, said the military is looking at advantages or inherent capabilities the new technologies will allow.

“The private sector controls more than 85 percent of cyber infrastructure, so we are looking to industry and other government partners to help us drive standards and adopt new capabilities in these areas,” Simpson said.

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