Defective Drywall Debacle

An invisible force, one much slower and subtler than a tsunami or hurricane, continues to force Americans in 27 states out of their homes. After more than 1,500 complaints of breathing difficulties, nosebleeds, headaches and corroding metal components in homes, FEMA is under pressure to assist homeowners displaced because of defective Chinese drywall.

In an article on the Palm Beach Post website, Allison Ross says four senators have asked the Federal Emergency Management Agency to review whether its mandate would make homeowners eligible for immediate relief funds. Certain types of Chinese drywall installed in homes between 2000 and 2008 has been found to emit sulfuric gas. Besides causing health problems in home occupants, the odors and gases corrode electrical wiring, air conditioning components, bathroom fixtures and even jewelry, Ross writes.

“Families in our states are … watching their dream homes turn into nightmares,” the senators wrote to FEMA in a letter. “We believe it is important to marshal all appropriate Federal resources that may assist these families.”

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