Befriend at Own Risk

Facebook comes with privacy tools, and Mark Zuckerberg, founder of the social networking site, urges people to use them.

In an article on the CNET website, Don Reisinger says younger users of Facebook are particularly liberal with sharing personal, job-related or school information to their Facebook ‘friends.’ Reisinger cites a study by security firm Sophos, which found that 41 to 46 percent of the 100 Facebook users contacted “blindly accepted” friend requests from two fake users the firm created for the study.

“Half of all the users Sophos befriended displayed the town or suburb where they live,” he writes. “They even offered up information on family and friends.”

According to a Sophos blog, 10 years ago it might have taken a con-artist or identity thief weeks, and even a private investigator, to find out the sort of personal information people now willingly share on Facebook.

The networking site has announced it is forming a safety advisory board to address these and other Internet safety issues.

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