Cyber-Savvier Kids

Increasingly younger computer users are immersed in the potential non-secure world of social networking, cyberbullying, viral e-mails, spam and identity theft.

In an article on, Dian Schaffhauser says cybersecurity experts are bringing online survival skills into the classroom through the Virginia Department of Education and the state office of the Attorney General. Designed for children ages 11 through 14, the (ISC)2 Safe and Secure Online program was developed by former school teachers.

(ISC)2, an organization that offers training and certification to cyber security professionals, is making the school program available free-of-charge to all schools in the United States.

The program was officially launched in Virginia at Swanson Middle School in Arlington. It included an hour-long presentation and 15-minute discussion with students, followed by another hour-long presentation geared specifically to teachers.

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