The Resistance to Climate Change Adaption

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has released a massive report on what adaption options are available in the face of climate change on our planet — this in light of the fact that few seem willing to change to prevent drastic climate change from happening, according to a recent report by Severe challenges to adaptation are faced when resilience threshold levels are exceeded and social or natural system capabilities are surpassed.

Developing policies that combat, avoid, prepare for, respond to, or even recover from such disasters can reduce the overall impact of climate change events. These policies are important in further developing the resiliency of the population exposed to such disasters.

The message taken away from reports like IPCC’s is that even though we are knowledgeable enough to make informed decisions about how we manage such climate change, we seldom do anything to act on this knowledge. Going forward, the challenge will be to not only improve upon what we already know, but also to make good, decisive decisions based on that knowledge, even when faced with uncertainty.

Using Teamwork

A result of teamwork across disciplines, the report integrates three areas of climate change expertise — impacts of, adaptations from, and vulnerabilities to climate change. Working together, scientists were able to determine environmental and social factors that influence the risk of disaster by region, with each region being different by comparison. The report also allowed the team to determine where greater scientific evidence is needed to gain a more thorough understanding of climate change and its effects.

Different Regions

Region differentiation allows the report authors to help determine where the greatest areas of economic loss due to climate-related disasters has been and potentially could be. For countries facing the challenges presented by such disaster-related losses, spurred on by climate change, the report can be a rich source of knowledge. Knowing what to look for, these regions can develop effective strategies to combat climate change and make recovery easier in the long term.

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