Cybersecurity Questions on Our Nation’s Birthday: Are We Prepared?

Is the U.S. government ill-prepared for future cyber attacks? That is the question being raised by many cyber experts and government officials alike. Lawmakers have done little to pass legislation that would protect American interests, and instead they have decided to engage in partisan politics at the expense of national security, according to a report by

Even more troubling, a recent Government Accountability Office report states that Department of Defense efforts to unify its cybersecurity operations fall far below what is needed to adequately protect government interests from cyber attack. The question remains: Will the government be prepared if cyber weapons are used against the U.S.?

Speaking of cyber weapons, does the revelation of the Stuxnet virus being created by a joint U.S./Israeli initiative to stymie Iran’s nuclear efforts place a target on the back of the U.S. and its citizens? Stuxnet has put the world on notice that cyber warfare has taken that next big step. Cyber weapons are now on the table, with the U.S. standing at the forefront of those efforts. It is just a matter of time before those opposed to the U.S. use those same weapons against U.S. forces and the country’s national interests.

In a similar vein, the U.S. military is training the first generation of cyber warriors at Nellis AFB outside of Las Vegas, Nevada, according to a story by These future cybersecurity experts will then be used as instructors and advisors for military leaders, allowing for both defensive and offensive capabilities for U.S. commanders.

If the U.S. government fails to prepare, then the blame falls squarely on their shoulders and that of their citizens. Experts warn that the coming years will bring cyber attacks upon America’s vital infrastructure — attacks of ever-increasing severity and scope. And with the virtual cat being let out of the bag with the release of the Stuxnet virus, and more recently the Flame virus, it is only a matter of time before another nation does the same in turn to the U.S. The question is: Will the U.S. be prepared?

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