Stories from the Cloud

A power outage can hit at any time. Just look at the most recent Super Bowl in February 2013 when a power failure took out half the lights in the stadium early in the 3rd quarter. While officials were able to get the lights back up and running in roughly 34 minutes, often this is not the case as businesses and homes can be without power for multiple hours and even days. The following sections detail just a few of the important lessons your company can glean from high profile power outages as documented by

Lessons From High-Profile Power Outages

The Super Bowl example used in the section above illustrates how time plays a crucial role in any recovery plan. How long do utilities expect the power to remain off, and what can you do in the meantime while you wait for it to come back online? This is especially important when it comes to the cloud. Even with power out at a company, as long as they have their data stored at an offsite cloud facility, they can then continue to do business, albeit through mobile devices.

One thing company officials need to realize is that even though they use an offsite cloud storage, a power outage can even take that capability out of the equation. Taking such an event into account, company risk mitigation officials need to develop contingency plans to keep their business going, even in an extended outage. Remember, highly resilient systems can also fail, and officials should keep that in mind when developing different levels of backup within an overall disaster plan.

Common Mistakes That Even the Pros Make

Even those most knowledgeable about how the cloud works can make mistakes. These errors basically boil down to a few areas. Often, most companies assume their data is backed up by a disaster recovery plan, even if it currently isn’t. The best way to combat this involves working with your provider to make sure that their cloud service is backed up. Companies also make the mistake of relying on only one cloud provider. They should use multiple providers within a wide variety of regions. Risk managers can also help their companies by having duplicate copies of important data on multiple computers within the data center.

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