Rutgers University Releases Report on Response to Hurricane Sandy

When Rutgers University reopened after Hurricane Sandy in 2012, there was still work to do beyond the immediate cleanup that most might expect. President Robert Barchi initiated a Task Force to assess the university’s emergency management during the disaster, and to suggest improvements that could be made to Rutgers’ response in future emergency situations.

While the report contains several recommendations, the author(s) are careful to maintain that, “the report is an operational analysis of our administrative planning and actions in light of the best practices in emergency management and higher education administration…” as opposed to being a research report.

The report identified some strengths of the emergency response system, but also identified areas of concern that include, a better understanding of the emergency management functions, the apparent lack of clarity in adverse weather policies, and confusion over the designation of essential personnel. Issues with electronics of various types are also addressed within the report. The report also recommends that alternate communications systems be developed.