Heard about Evernote’s DDoS Hit? Here’s What You Need to Know and Do Now:

According to a Forbes article, Evernote, the popular note-keeping app, was recently hit by a major DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack. For four hours, all 100 million Evernote customers were unable to log in to their accounts and the company’s ability to operate was affected.

The article also points out that DDoS attacks are quickly starting to become the number one cyber threat businesses are facing but don’t know how to handle. So what can you do for your business to withstand a potential DDoS attack? There are three steps you can take:

Here are the three business steps as they appeared in the Forbes article:

“Companies need to be ready for a DDoS attack, and to anticipate the sorts of business effect they may ultimately face – be they ransom demands, reputation damage, or a political cause, according to Adrian Davis, EMEA managing director at (ISC)2, a high profile security and training organization. They can then act on this knowledge.

“Tackling the problem can be expensive, and the steps may better suit larger businesses’ budgets. But, given the risk of losses, many companies are assessing the options.

“One step to mitigating the problem is ‘having a very large incoming connection with a wide bandwidth which makes it more difficult for a DDoS attack to block traffic, however this can be expensive,’ Davis explains.

“‘The second option, popular amongst the online betting and gaming sites that were some of the first victims of DDoS attacks ten years ago, though again expensive, is to be your own Internet Service Provider, allowing you to screen traffic and discard DDoS traffic before it gets to your websites,’ he adds. Taking on this responsibility requires the training of staff, he says, so that a company knows when it is under attack, can manage incidents and keep its business running.

“The third most common option is to ‘outsource this expertise, buying in DDoS mitigation from specialist companies as an ongoing service, or when an attack occurs using a pay on demand model,’ he says.”

Last but not least, the article explains global collaboration is the only way to really avoid disaster.

“The responsibility for preventing these types of attacks, and stopping them at source relies on greater future collaboration of law enforcement, technology companies and individuals to take down the networks of computers, known as ‘botnets’ that are used to launch these DDoS attacks,” Davis said in the article.

“Without this action, whole economies, not just individual companies and citizens, will be vulnerable.”