A New Disaster Preparedness App for Carroll County

During storm season, it is more important that ever to ensure local residents are aware of any potential disasters. To ensure they are, Carroll County Emergency Management has stepped forward with the Prepare Me Carroll mobile app, according to The Carroll County Times. The app is available for both Apple and Android platforms."The app is a very quick way for people to get a lot of information in one place, just by pushing a couple of buttons on their smartphone,” Valerie Hawkins, Carroll Emergency Management assistant coordinator told The Carroll County Times. “It's an easy way for people to get the correct information in a timely manner."

Developed with funding from a grant from the Department of Homeland Security, the free app will bring together multiple sources of information: from a direct link to the National Weather Service, to an interactive Emergency Kit Checklist, to references guides for various types of emergencies. The app will even allow for the sending of push notifications to users as conditions around the emergency change—whether updates on the weather, or on road conditions in the event of flash flooding.

"Part of the reason why we decided to pursue development of the app is because [smartphones are] really the way so many people nowadays get their information. This is an addition and an enhancement — all those other methods [of communication] will still be there, we are just adding another one to fit in with the way people get information,” said Hawkins.