Protecting Your Digital Space

With people's lives becoming increasingly intertwined with the online environment, it is becoming increasingly critical for the individual to be able to ensure their digital space is both safe and secure. In support of that goal, the Safe Hub Collective, a group dedicated to making public spaces in the Greater Boston Area both safe and accessible, has produced a guide to Cybersecurity for the individual user.

Noah Kelley, developer of the guide, offered some advice and opinions on the reasons behind its creation, including the observation that many of the initiatives for online security have focused on white men who are already assumed to possess a higher than normal level of technical aptitude. This focus can create the effect of shutting out those who do not align with these attributes, who may be those who could most benefit from access to and understanding of these privacy tools.

Assembled, the guide offers users tips on, among others, such topics as:

•       Anonymity: Secure browsing, privacy, and security

•       Hacking: Protecting digital accounts, phishing, and passwords

•       Data:  Encryption, and secure backups

•       Phones: Security in mobile environments