Harnessing the Power of the Cloud

Offering increased options with flexibility, access, redundancy, and cost, cloud computing is becoming an increasingly critical aspect for consideration in the modern corporate environment. With adaptation accelerating, Data Center Journal has offered a list of five ways in which cloud computing could assist companies in the coming years.

  • Data Center Backup - Critical resources can be dynamically backed up and copied while the primary resource remains in use, to preserve and restore access in the event of disaster or other disruptions.
  • Dynamic Storage and Replication - Storage space can be dynamically created and provisioned, based on user demand and customer needs.
  • Migration of Productivity Apps - Cloud hosting of productivity apps allows for ease of access and rapid scalability of supporting resources in the event of changes in demand
  • Project Management and Collaboration - Common office tools as Microsoft Lync, Exchange, and Sharepoint can be hosted in cloud environments to allow for meetings and other collaborative efforts.
  • Office and Mobile Voice Services - By establishing a cloud-based digital PBX, voice services can be rapidly rerouted and reconfigured without physical alteration, allowing for increased flexibility and responsiveness to both company reconfiguration and disaster resilience.