C is for Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity remains a hot topic in 2016, with companies continue to remain under pressure from outside attacks and corporate spending on cybersecurity increasing. In addition, the White House created a Federal chief information security office (CISO) position, and proposed the establishment of a $3.1 billion fund for the upgrade of legacy IT.

With IT remaining such a high-priority item, Reed Taussig, president and CEO of ThreatMatrix offered up five criteria has offered a list of five criteria to consider when considering candidates for high level positions like CSO or CISO in an article for IT Pro Portal:

  • Technical Acumen – ensure candidates have a background featuring at least basic security education, demonstrated through appropriate certifications;
  • Strong Reputation – target individuals who are well known and highly regarded within the industry, to ensure deep knowledge of their work history and ability to respond effectively in the event of an emergency;
  • Business Sense – individuals who best understand how to explain why effective cybersecurity aligns with corporate interests stand the best chance of ensuring cybersecurity is properly funded and staffed;
  • Global Perspective – candidates with deep connections around the world will best be able to track cybercrime across borders and work with remote resources to track and manage responses; and
  • Leadership Skills – those with previous experience leading successful departments or programs and establishing productive cultures are critical when looking for buy-in from employees as to cybersecurity measures.