This, We’ll Prepare

In awareness of National Preparedness Month, the U.S. Army has offered some insights into the actions it has and will be taking to ensure its readiness for any man-made or natural disaster. Working with the theme of “Don’t Wait, Communicate. Make Your Emergency Plan Today”, the Army is encouraging people in the Army community to engage in preparedness activities to ensure readiness.

In support of this initiative, the Army has provided some details on previous activities that have been taken, including:

  • The establishment of an emergency management program, in 2009
  • The development of Ready Army, a community awareness campaign targeting soldiers, families, and civilians, in 2011
  • The modernization of emergency management equipment, beginning in 2012
  • Participation with FEMA in America’s PrepareAthon!, in 2013

Moving forward, the Army has also published details on future plans, including:

  • Revising policies to address emerging threats and hazards
  • Continuing to modernize emergency management systems
  • Promoting individual responsibility for preparedness, through continued participation in America’s PrepareAthon!