Manual or Automatic

With the increase in connectivity in modern transportation, and the recent publicity of cyberattacks involving the Internet of Things, cybersecurity in automobiles is becoming a high visibility topic and a source of potential concern for the consumer. To address those and other concerns, the Department of Transportation has requested public comment on the proposed federal guidance for the improvement of motor vehicle cybersecurity for the automotive industry, with the intent of receiving all public comments by November 28th.

Expected to be voluntary and non-binding, the proposed guidelines are expected to include the following considerations:

  • “To be built upon risk-based prioritized identification and protection of safety-critical vehicle control systems and personally identifiable information”
  • “To provide for timely detection and rapid response to potential vehicle cybersecurity incidents in the field”
  • “To design-in methods and measures to facilitate rapid recovery from incidents when they occur”
  • “To institutionalize methods for accelerated adoption of lessons learned across the industry through effective information sharing, such as through participation in the Auto ISAC”