The Evolution of Threats

Threats can take many forms. As noted by Lt. John Weinstein, writing for Campus Safety Magazine, much has been learned about how to handle those that we've seen before. In the case of active shooter threats, campus strategies have evolved to incorporate more rapid techniques for response — from security, police, first responders, and the institutions themselves. However, just as the strategies for response keep changing, institutions also need to be aware of how threats may change too.

To assist in such preparation for both the known and unknown, Lt. John Weinstein sets out a framework for consideration, based around four key items:

  • Deterrence: Ensure staff, security, and the public are aware of how to monitor for, identify, and report threats
  • Response: Engage in training to confirm readiness of all parties, and confirm necessary equipment and personnel are available
  • Mitigation: Establish rapid response procedures, to minimize the time the threat is active