Grid Locked

As cybersecurity threats become more prevalent and sophisticated against critical infrastructure, operational technology (OT) manufacturers, vendors and operators need to be on guard. Michael Belfiore, contributing writer for Automation World covered off best practices for this growing field. Jaime Foose, head of the lifecycle support and security solutions organization for Emerson Automation Solutions' power and water business, shared with Automation World four areas to watch when planning OT cybersecurity.

  • Take a step back to look at the overall system. Mapping out the network gives a bigger picture look when planning security efforts.
  • Close it up. Ensure vulnerabilities are defended, "including closing open ports and services that aren't needed, installing patches, installing malware protection and making sure backups are in place and regularly updated in case all else fails," recommends Foose.
  • Be watchful. Keep an eye out for outliers or unusual activity, and watch and manage your alarms.
  • Plan ahead for all occurrences; not just cybersecurity, but also natural disasters.


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