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We Just Did a BIA and Gap Analysis… Now What?
June 2015 | Jacque Rupert
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How to Perform an Effective Business Continuity Strategy Identification and Selection Effort Reader Note: This article is a continuation from Avalution’s November 2014 article titled: We just did a BIA and Risk Assessment … Now What? How to Perform an Effecti [ ... ]

Business Continuity Planning Software Criteria: The Next Level in the Selection Process
March 2015 | Linda Hanwacker

By Linda Hanwacker, MBA, MSCS, CBCP What is Business Continuity Planning (BCP) software? What are its advantages? Does your organization need BCP software? What are your options, what features should you consider? A well-developed BCP software package makes g [ ... ]

The Value of a Restoration Company
July 2014 | Vernon Duty

When a disaster strikes, especially a large-scale catastrophic event that has widespread damage and traumatic consequences for the masses, the value behind a restoration project goes well beyond restoring property. People feel a genuine sense of loss, loss of residence, loss of s [ ... ]

Five Things Overlooked in Emergency Feeding (and Planning)
July 2014 | Keith Brown

Providing hot, wholesome meals during times of need is one of the most rewarding experiences of working in the food service industry. Yet the reality is that disasters of any kind, be it hurricanes, tornadoes or even floods, present their own distinct challenges. For starters, t [ ... ]

Turning Business Continuity Into A Competitive Advantage
April 2014 | Dennis Wenk

The pace of technological change and its complexity is challenging traditional business continuity paradigms. What was once considered a ‘Best Practice’ in Business Continuity (BC) no longer serves the new digital-world, and organizations can’t rely on these outdated proces [ ... ]

Research Report: Risk Assessment for BCM
January 2014 | Tom Scholtz
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This information comes from the Gartner Hype Cycle for Business Continuity Management and IT Disaster Recovery Management, 2013. Definition: Risk assessment in the Business Continuity Management (BCM) context is the process of identifying and treating risks to busi [ ... ]

Research Report: Business Continuity Management Planning Software
January 2014 | Roberta J. Witty
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This information comes from the Gartner Hype Cycle for Business Continuity Management and IT Disaster Recovery Management, 2013. Definition: Business continuity management planning (BCMP) software tools are the key tools used to manage business continuity managemen [ ... ]

Lessons Learned from Hurricane Sandy
January 2014 | Regina Phelps
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Credit: Codered_pl/Flickr
Hurricane Sandy (aka “Superstorm Sandy”) wasn’t destined for the history books as one of the greatest storms ever to hit the Northeast, but that’s how it turned out It is important to stop for a moment and look at some of the uni [ ... ]

The Shared Value of Preparedness: Building Global Stakeholder Engagement for Disaster Risk Reduction
March 2014 | Chloé Demrovsky
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Globalization has not only led to extraordinary advances, but it has also created a vast network of dependencies in addition to a greater risk profile for all stakeholders. Crises that occur on one side of the world can directly impact an organization on the other s [ ... ]

Which Vendor Knows the Best Way for Your Organization to Do Planning? Answer: None of the Above
February 2014 | Administrator

Which Vendor Knows the Best Way for Your Organization to Do Planning? Answer: None of the Above Having started as a consultancy twenty years ago, we learned that software tools should enable the planning process and not force the organization to adapt to the tool. You already  [ ... ]

The Increasing Complexity of Supply Chains and the BC Professional
February 2014 | Lyndon Bird and Lee Glendon
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This article discusses how supply chain disruptions have become one of the key issues facing business continuity and risk professionals. It considers the need for organizations to establish and maintain resilient and sustainable supply chains and why this has become [ ... ]

Cascading Black Swan Events
November 2013 | Kathleen Lucey, FBCI
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  Hunting the Black Swans in Your Continuity Program This is Vol. II, No. 7 in the DRG ongoing series regarding hunting and mastery of the black swans in your continuity program. “Black Swans” in your Continuity Program are those events tha [ ... ]

A New Perspective on Testing
October 2013 | Bill Bedsole
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  A New Perspective on Testing The disaster recovery and business continuity industry’s mantra is “Test... Test… Test! And when you’re done, test some more!” There is another parallel theme that says, “There is no such thing as a fai [ ... ]

Should You Buy Automated Planning Software?
September 2013 | Bill Bedsole
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  Should You Buy Automated Planning Software? The question “Should we purchase automated planning software?” is often asked. The answer is definitely “It depends.” In the early days of the DR/BC industry, +/− 30 years ago depending o [ ... ]

The BIA’s Fundamental Flaws
July 2013 | Bill Bedsole
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  The BIA’s Fundamental Flaws The goal of a traditional BIA is sound in theory—to identify and prioritize the business’ critical processes relative to the losses that would result from their interruption, and then convince management to fu [ ... ]

How to Audit Business Continuity Programs
June 2012 | Dan Swanson
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Being able to continue critical business functions while responding to a major disaster, and then to return to normal operations efficiently and cohesively afterward, is a critical success factor for all organizations. Effective Business Continuity programs (BCPs) a [ ... ]

A Few Simple Gadgets for Your Exercise Toolbox ― They Hold the Key to Your Exercise Success!
June 2012 | Regina Phelps
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Exercises are the “bread and butter” of emergency management. they are the way we train our staff, validate our plans, and prove that we can recover our company, organization or agency. What I have observed in my years of professional practice is that although  [ ... ]

Depending on an SLA? See-ya Later, Alligator
May 2012 | Christopher Burton
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To some, an “SLA,” or service-level agreement, represents a formal contract between a customer and a supplier. to others, it signifies a guarantee that a service will always be available and operational. To business continuity practitioners, however, the SLA sh [ ... ]

How Firms Should Fight Rumors
May 2012 | Andrew Hiles
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What Is a Rumor? To understand how to fight rumors, we need first to understand what a rumor is and then how and why it circulates. There are many definitions of “rumor,” but what they have in common is that a rumor comprises unverified, unconfirmed informatio [ ... ]

ERM Led BCP to Protect the Stakeholders
May 2012 | Andrew M. Tait
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“Of course my function is critical. We need all of our department systems back in no less than 4 hours, and we can’t have more than 1 day data loss. No question about it!” The Business Continuity (BC) resource taking the interview marks down 4 hours for the  [ ... ]

Why Certify in BCM? Certification Distinguishes You!
May 2012 | Kathleen Lucey

Business Continuity Management has made considerable progress in recent years and is now a recognized profession in most sectors, often including the Board Room and the Executive Suite. With this recognition has come an influx of those seeking to build their careers in Business C [ ... ]