Facility Issues
The Challenge of Emergency Evacuation from High-Rise Buildings (and Even Ones That Are Not So High)
January 2014 | Jim Burtles and Kristen Noakes-Fry
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Credit: NIST
Headlines over the 150-year history of tall buildings provide us with evidence of what can go wrong and the likely costs and consequences of such events. Many of the challenges are the same as those in any multi-story building, but the higher the buil [ ... ]

Restoring Henryville Schools
January 2014 | Vernon Duty
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Before & After - Henryville Schools
Friday, March 2, 2012, is a date that will forever be remembered in the town of Henryville, Indiana. The day started out like any other day, with clear, blue skies; however, the sunshine disguised the lingering  [ ... ]

Microgrids and Secure Power Supply
January 2014 | Ernie Hayden
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Three backup diesel power generators in a public water utility treatment plant.
Loss of electric power to any organization can range from a minor inconvenience to challenges affecting data retention/ backup/retrieval to ultimately causing collapse of the services b [ ... ]

So You Want A Base Camp?
January 2014 | Administrator
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If your disaster preparedness or continuity plan includes a base camp, here are some key considerations as you develop your plan. It is far better to think through these issues well in advance than to be scrambling after a disaster trying to determine what, where, h [ ... ]

Keeping High Profile Meetings Safe and Secure
November 2013 | Harlan Calhoun
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  Keeping High Profile Meetings Safe and Secure Before the advent of smart phones, planting covert listening devices was the most popular way to illegally record content from a private meeting. Today, with an estimated 130 million smartphones in [ ... ]

How Thorough Is Your Evacuation Program?
June 2012 | Diane Gross
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A thorough evacuation program can mean the difference between life and death. It is the first step to any life safety program. All occupants must know their role in an evacuation, and take it seriously. This article will review the key points for a safe and effectiv [ ... ]

BC and Facilities Pros Working Towards Continuous Data Center Operation
June 2012 | David Boston
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Because of their highly visible role in the Information Technology hierarchy, Business Continuity professionals have a unique opportunity to help their Facilities Operations counterparts achieve long term continuous operation. Facilities related downtime events are  [ ... ]

What Will You Do When the Roof Falls In? Protecting HQ and Other Critical Facilities
June 2012 | Marcia Kittler
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Have you ever heard someone complain, “You sound like a broken record?” Broken records can be trying, especially when they apply to severe weather. And last year, our nation and region had plenty of broken records. And more may be on the way. In fact, last July [ ... ]