Ways to Track Severe Weather

The days of residents relying only on municipal sirens are over. While sirens won't disappear altogether, people also now heavily rely on electronic alerts when severe weather is approaching. And with the advancement of technology, just about everyone can have severe weather warnings in their pocket.

"Almost everyone has a cell phone and the ability for no money to be alerted about severe weather quicker than with any siren," said Durk Dunham, director of the Calhoun County's Emergency Management Division of the sheriff department, as quoted in Trace Christenson's Battle Creek Enquirer article. "In the 21st century, just take 15 minutes and pull down an alert system that is free."

During the state of Michigan's recent Severe Weather Awareness Week, the clear message was that with cell phones and new technology, everyone can carry a severe weather alert system in their phone … and should. Because people can be distracted by music, television or video games and might not hear weather sirens, having a phone alert is the solution.

"People should take a personal responsibility," Duran said as quoted in the article. "The reliability wasn't there before but the technology has improved and people can do some research and design their mobile weather alert."

To find weather source information, Dunham suggested an Internet search of "mobile weather alert," as well as the National Weather Service or local news outlets.

For more information about keeping informed through phone weather alerts, read the full article:http://www.battlecreekenquirer.com/article/20110402/NEWS01/104020312/1002/Many-