Many Companies Are Not Fully Prepared for the Threats Posed by Activist Groups

The UK has seen several demonstrations over the past few months, including protests on fuel price increases, environmental issues, and student protests. While most of these demonstrations remain peaceful, there has been a significant rise in the amount of damages to businesses and number of injuries to employees and operations, according to a recent article by

According to G4S Secure Solutions in the UK, a significant number of businesses were underprepared to cope with potential acts of vandalism during a Mar. 26 mass demonstration in London. G4S said that "in a visual risk and vulnerability inspection conducted in the week prior to the demonstration of the exterior of companies' premises in central London, around half of those assessed displayed obvious points of weakness or security issues that could make them more vulnerable to criminal behavior during protests."

Basically, businesses are occasionally maliciously targeted by militant groups using an otherwise peaceful demonstration as a cover to cause damage to indiscriminate targets.

G4S recently outlined risk mitigation measures that companies should put in place in order to ensure business continuity during times of protest:

1) Carry out a full risk audit of your premises in advance, and implement an updated business continuity plan that is regularly rehearsed.

2) Clear away any old equipment or debris from around your building that could be used to damage your premises.

3) A manned security presence or strategically-placed security cameras might deter would-be criminals.

4) Buildings with numerous entrances can become entry points for protesters.

5) Identify those areas that can be attacked or occupied, and plan accordingly.

6) Routine measures, such as staggering when staff arrives, making best use of alternative, less obvious entrances, and moving desks away from windows, should be considered.

For more information about being prepared in the event of a protest or other emergency, read the full article: