The International Symposium on Crisis Management Set for June 9–10, 2011

The International Symposium on Crisis Management (ISCM) 2011 will take place in Athens, Greece, from June 9–10, 2011. The symposium is organized by a multidisciplinary research consortium that leads the “Learning for Security –L4S” EU co-funded research project. L4S has developed and tested technology-enhanced learning applications for developing crisis management competencies. Registration is free.

According to the group, recent research shows that effective collaboration dynamics remain at the core of crisis management approach in the transportation sector — and beyond. Empirical evidence highlights the role of resource coordination as the ultimate value adding area in crisis management today, far more important than domain expert knowledge and resources mobilization.

Preliminary work by the L4S project shows that effective crisis management requires collaborative competencies at the individual, team, organizational and inter-organizational levels. The primary goal of this international symposium is to “present and analyze the learning effectiveness and adaptation to recent challenges of crisis response educational practices by sharing the experience of the keynote speakers and selected industrial participants.” In addition, experiential models for competence development at the operational, tactical and strategic levels of crisis response will be presented and discussed.

ISCM features:

  • Overview of state-of-the-art research findings, including an overview of simulation-based competence-development learning applications in crisis management plus a selection of experiences from the transportation industry.
  • Interactive demos and plenary debrief in working groups on innovative simulation-based learning experiences for crisis management.
  • Parallel sessions on ongoing European research projects in Transportation and Security.

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