What Obama and Congress Should Do for Cyber Security

In a recent survey of researchers, technologists, futurists, analysts and business owners in fields ranging from space and Earth science to health and technological innovation, TechMediaNetwork asked: “If you could ask President Obama and Congress to do one thing related to your field that would be for the good of the economy and the country, what would it be and why?”

Responses were both insightful and representative of the need for major change in cyber security. Here is a sample of survey responses:

  • “The biggest political move that could be taken right now to improve cyber security is repealing the DMCA. Ignoring the fact that I am currently being sued using it, it has done awful things to the state of computer security research in the US.”

—George Hotz, first hacker to jailbreak both the iPhone and the PlayStation 3, currently being sued by Sony for the latter

  • “America needs to focus on the real threat and stop obsessing over the media-hyped attacks like Stuxnet and Aurora.”

— Chester Wisniewski, Senior Security Advisor, Sophos Inc.

  • “If I could ask President Obama and Congress for one thing, that would be to forget any of their plans about a global Internet Kill Switch … And if you do build an Internet Kill Switch, do not be surprised if someone else presses it.”

— Mikko Hyppönen, Chief Research Office, F-Secure Corporation

  • “Obama and Congress should establish ISP liability for malware hosted by each ISP’s clients (with appropriate indemnity for legitimate mistaken blocking of users if the mistakes are corrected). That would give ISPs the right and the incentive to keep their bit of the Net clean and to train/support users (often Innocent predators) properly.”

— Esther Dyson, investor, philanthropist and commentator on digital technology

  • “The president should move to reform the demonstrably unethical and ineffective manner by which the various federal intelligence agencies collaborate with contracting firms such as HBGary and Palantir, whose employees have been revealed via an ongoing investigation by Anonymous to have engaged in a degenerate campaign against WikiLeaks, Glenn Greenwald, and our own movement, among other parties.”

— Barrett Brown, Internet freedom of speech activist, author, commentator and occasional spokesman for the “hacktivist” group Anonymous

  • "…The best thing he [Obama] could do for cyber security would be to invoke anti-trust law to stimulate redundancy in the Net. While the Internet is inherently robust in architecture, it is much less so in practice, owing to the concentration of long bit-haul capacity into the control of a few corporate entities, most of them Bell-headed.”

— John Perry Barlow, fellow at Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society, co-founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, libertarian and former Republican activist, lyricist for the Grateful Dead

For a more comprehensive look at survey responses, visit:http://www.securitynewsdaily.com/obama-congress-cybersecurity-budget-0567/